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Discount Codes - Instructions for Use uses Discount Codes to provide additional discounts on select items. Please note that Discount Codes cannot be used on previous purchases and that not all items may qualify for additional discounts. Discount Codes may expire at any time without warning. This page is designed to help you understand how to take advantage of the additional savings that Discount Codes may provide. If you have questions that this page does not answer please contact us by e-mail at this address:

After you have located an item you wish to purchase you will need to add the item to your shopping cart. This is done by clicking on the Add to Cart button:

Discount Code Step 1


The next step is to click the VIEW CART button located toward the top right of your screen. This will allow you to view and verify the contents of your shopping cart are correct. This is a good time to make sure the Item Quantity you want to purchase is correct.

Discount Code Step 2


After verifying your shopping cart contents are accurate the next step is to click the red Proceed to Checkout button. Clicking this button will take you to the Checkout Page where your Discount Code can be entered and applied.

Discount Code Step 3


Toward the bottom of the Checkout Page you will see the text entry box where the Discount Code must be entered. Type in your Discount Code and click the "Apply Code" button. There may be a 2 to 3 second delay as the system applies the Discount Code to your shopping cart. If the Discount Code is accepted you will receive a message stating your Coupon Code was applied. You can also verify the code was properly applied as the system will display the amount of the discount on a separeate line near your Order Total Summary. If the Discount Code is NOT accepted you will see a specific error explaining why the Discount Code was not applied. Possible reasons are the Discount Code is not valid, the code may have expired or the maximum number of uses for the Discount Code has already been reached. Please note that Discount Codes may expire without warning.

Discount Code Step 4

For additional information or assistance please e-mail