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Dakota & Durango - 1997-2004

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  • CST / Daystar 1" Lift Coil Spring Spacer - 2wd # CSE-C16-1

    This CST CSE-C16-1 part number is manufactured by Daystar. The Daystar equivalent is part number KG09100BK. CST advertises and sells this as a 1" lift coil spring spacer. The exact amount of lift can vary from vehicle to vehicle due to IFS geometry. Please note, this spacer is NOT 1" thick. Approximate thickness is .750" inches. Modern IFS vehicles mount the coil spring inboard on the lower control arm. A .750" height increase at the spring using this spacer will provide approximately 1.00" of lift at the wheels. This simple 1" lift coil spring spacer can be used on a wide range of vehicles, 2wd Dodge Ram 1500 trucks built between 1994-2010, 2wd Ford F150 trucks built between 1997-2003, and most 2wd Chevrolet and GMC 1500 series trucks built from 1988-2006. On these model year trucks the 1" spacer can be installed without the need to replace the factory upper control arms. Learn More

  • CST / Daystar 2" Lift Coil Spring Spacer - 2wd Only! CSE-C16-2

    This CST part number is manufactured by Daystar. CST advertises this as a 2" Lift Coil Spring Spacer. The exact amount of lift will vary on certain vehicles due to different IFS geometry from vehicle to vehicle. This Urethane Coil Spring Spacer kit will only fit 2wd vehicles and is not compatible with any 4x4 trucks or SUV's. Please note, these 2" Lift Coil Spring Spacers are sold as a pair will be sufficient to lift one vehicle. Learn More

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  • Daystar 1997-2004 Dakota & Durango 2WD 2" Lift

    This Daystar Urethane Spring Spacer Kit is designed for use on 2wd Dodge Dakota trucks made between 1997-2004 and the 2wd Dodge Durango vehicles made between 1997-2002. This item is for use on the coil spring equipped chassis only and will NOT fit newer models equipped with a strut assemble. Please note, this item will not work on 4x4 models - 4x4 Dakota / Durango vehicles are built on a torsion bar chassis and do NOT use coil springs! Learn More

3 Item(s)

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