1995.5-2004 Tacoma (5 Lug Only)

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  • Fabtech Tacoma 3" Lift Spindle # FTS4130-7

    This Fabtech FTS4130-7 lift spindle is designed to fit 1995.5-2004 Toyota Tacoma 2wd 5-lug trucks. These spindles fit ONLY the Tacoma 5-lug trucks and will NOT work on any of the 6-lug PreRunner or 4x4 models. Fabtech's roots started in early model Toyota trucks and the tradition continues with the FTS4130-7 Tacoma lift spindle. With the creation of the Toyota Tacoma meant the loss of the torsion bar front suspension. Using their experience in designing coil spring suspensions, Fabtech set out to create a new performance system that takes the already advanced Tacoma suspension one step further.

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  • Daystar Toyota Tacoma 5-Lug 1.5" Lift Coil Spacer & Isolator Kit # KT09113BK

    This Daystar KT09113BK urethane spring spacer and isolator kit is an effective and inexpensive way to lift your 2wd Toyota Tacoma. The Daystar KT09113 1.5 spring spacer kit will provide your Tacoma with 1.5 inches of additional front lift that helps clear a slightly larger than stock tire and really helps level the Tacoma front to rear. The KT09113 will ONLY fit the 2wd 5-lug Tacoma models! If your Tacoma has 6-lug wheels or is 4wd this Daystar KT09113BK spacer kit will absolutely NOT fit! These urethane spacers are designed to retain the stock shock and springs and does NOT require aftermarket or replacement shock absorbers. Learn More
  • Daystar 1996-2004 Toyota Tacoma 1-1/4" Lift Shackles # KT61010BK

    This Daystar KT61010BK Lift Shackle is designed for use on 1st Generation Toyota Tacoma 6-Lug trucks... including 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 model years. This shackle will NOT fit the 2005 or newer Tacoma! Daystar's background is rooted in unique off-road products, and their line of Super Shackles is another example of products designed with the off-roader in mind. Daystar Super Shackles can handle anything you care to throw at them. Constructed of heavy-duty plate steel, they include a fully welded center bar that reduces deflection and axle shift while cornering or when the suspension is articulating. The KT61010BK shackles is designed as a stock replacement shackle and will provide approximately to 1-1/4" of rear lift. Daystar Super Shackles are sold in pairs. Learn More
  • Fabtech Tacoma 2" Lift Shackle - 5 Lug Only!

    This Fabtech Motorsports FTS2096 2" Lift Shackle is designed for on 1995.5 Toyota Tacoma 5-Lug pickup trucks. This product will NOT fit 6-lug Tacoma models! equipped with . The Fabtech FTS2096 Lift Shackle Kit will raise the rear of your Toyota Tacoma 5-lug pickup truck approximately 2 inches. This shackle is an excellent method to raise the rear of the smaller Toyota Tacoma trucks because it retains the stock rear spring rate which means you retain a stock like ride. Learn More

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